Todo Math keeps crashing. What should I do?

There are a few different issues that might cause your application to crash.  Here are some of the issues that could cause it to happen.
Outdated OS:
Apple frequently upgrades its operating system (OS) to fix bugs and improve performance.  If Todo Math crashes, it may be that you're using an outdated OS. Apple and Google Play offer free OS upgrades to users; to upgrade your OS, open the App Store and search "Upgrade" to find the most recent upgrade. Find more information on upgrades for Apple or Android
Outdated Application:
Like Apple, we update Todo Math all the time to ensure that the application is running at its best.  Our updates fix bugs, improve performance, and add new games and features.  If your app is crashing, it may be something that's been addressed in a recent update.  To see if you need to update Todo Math, open the App Store and click "updates" at the bottom of the screen.  If Todo Math needs to be updated, you'll see it listed under the "pending updates" section.  Click update to download and apply the update.  Once the update is installed, check to see if the app has stopped crashing. Find more information on updating Apple and Google Play apps. 
Application Corruption:
Another possibility is that your app has been corrupted.  This could happen because your device has a virus, or because there was an unrelated data failure. If this is the case, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the application. To do this, press and hold the application’s icon on the desktop. When an (x) appears, tap it to delete the application. Then go to the Apple App Store and redownload the application. If you have purchased the app, go to “Upgrade” and tap “Restore.” NOTE: Deleting and reinstalling the app will also delete play data, including progress, collected stars, etc. if you have not synced profiles. Be sure to try all other options before deleting and reinstalling the app.
If the problem persists, please email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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