How do I change my child's skill level?

To change a child's Daily Adventure level, follow these steps:

1) Open the app and go to the Parents page.

2) Select the child whose skill level you wish to change.


3) Tap the gear icon to the right of the child's name.


4) Tap the button under "Skill Level" that lists which level your child is currently playing.


5) Select the level that best suits your child, or tap "Level Finder" in the upper right corner to begin an assessment to help you decide.



To change access higher skill levels in Mission mode, follow these steps:


1) Open the app.

2) Select the profile.

3) On the next page, tap on the Missions button.

4) At the top of the Missions screen, tap the bar at the top of the screen with the name of the mission.

5) This will open a drop-down menu showing all of the available missions; the lower you scroll, the higher the difficulty.  There's also a color-coding system that loosely corresponds to the Daily Adventure levels: blue missions are easiest (Level A), green missions are a little more difficult (Level B), orange levels are harder still (Level C), while pink levels are the highest difficulty (Level D).  Note that Missions span curriculum covered in Pre-K — 2nd Grade.


Finally, your child can play any mini game at any difficulty setting at any time through Free Choice mode.  Here's how to select a game and level:

1) Open the app.

2) Select the profile.

3) Tap "Free Choice" and select the game you want to play.

4) Select the level you want to play - the higher the number, the higher the difficulty.


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