How do I add a profile?

Creating a profile for your child or yourself is easy.
You can create up to three profiles by registering your email address. To register, open the application and tap on the "PARENTS" heart icon in the upper left of the title page.
On the right side of the screen, tap "Sign In or Sign Up" and enter your email and password.
Now that you've registered, let's add some users. From the title screen, you'll be prompted to create a profile. Enter the user's name, set the desired Daily Adventure skill level (click the "Change" button) and choose accessibility options.
You can add additional users (up to three) from the title screen.  To add a new user, tap on the down-arrow next to the first user's name. . .
then tap the (+) icon to open the "Create Profile" menu (see 2nd image above for an example).
You can also changes settings for any user at any time by clicking the down-arrow and then clicking the gear icon and selecting the user.  
Clicking the gear icon next to the user's name lets you access the settings for that user.  
You can also change settings from the "My Info" page.  Just select a user and then click on the user's name in the bar at the top of the home screen.  
You can also use the "My Info" page to monitor progress.
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