How do I restore or access a subscription upgrade?

If you've recently purchased Todo Math and need to access your purchase on a different device, you can use the Restore feature to gain access. Depending on when you purchased the app, there may be a slightly different restore process.

For Customers Who Purchased After July, 2015:

1) Open the app

2) Tap the "Parents" icon at in the top left corner


3) Tap "Subscription" in the upper menu of the screen


4) Tap the "Restore" button, also located in the bottom right corner


5) Enter the email address that you used to register the device or sign up when you first made the purchase

6) Enter the password associated with this email address

7) You should now have full access to Todo Math


For Customers Who Purchased Before July, 2015:

1) Open your iPad settings

2) Select 'iTunes and App Store' on the left

3) Find your Apple ID on the top of the right-hand column



4) Tap the Apple ID and then select 'Sign Out'

5) Sign in again using the Apple ID used to purchase Todo Math

6) Open the app

7) Click on the "Parents" button at the top left corner of the screen

8) Tap "Subscription" in the upper menu of the screen

9) Tap the "Restore" button, also located int he bottom right corner

10) If you aren't already signed in, enter the account email address and password

11) You should now have full access to Todo Math

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