What grade levels does Todo Math cover?

Todo Math's curriculum is perfect for kids in pre-K through 2nd grade.  The levels, from easiest to most challenging, are A, B, C, D and E.  But keep an eye out — we'll be releasing Level F in a future update, which will be even more challenging than Level E and will add more 2nd grade content.


There are a couple things parents can do to make sure their kids are playing games at the right skill level.


1) When setting up a profile for your child, make sure that their age and skill level are set correctly.  This will make sure that Daily Adventure games (or Challenge Lab games, in the case of Level E and above) are accurately curated to give your child the right level of difficulty.  You can change your child's skill level any time from the Parents Page.


2) Mission mode (and in Level E and above, Challenge Library) is structure to help kids master specific subjects.  All Todo Math missions are similarly grouped based on skill level.  To view all the available missions, open Mission mode and then tap the name of the mission at the top of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu with a list of all the missions; the lower you scroll, the higher the difficulty. Missions are color-coded based on skill level.  Level A missions (pre-K/kindergarten prep) are blue, Level B missions (kindergarten practice) are green, Level C missions (1st grade prep) are orange and Level D missions (1st grade practice/2nd Grade Prep) are pink.


3) Free Choice mode let's you select exactly which game you want to play and at what difficulty.

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    Kim, Jeong Wan

    I would appreciate.if Enuma inform when to release higher versions like F and so on.

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