What are the different play modes?

Todo Math comes complete with three different play modes!

Daily Adventure:

Research suggests that children benefit from at least 10-15 minutes of sustained math practice per day. That's where Daily Adventure comes in!  Daily Adventure is a timed set of mini-games to help your child practice age-appropriate math in a fun and engaging way.  The games children are given in Daily Adventure are dictated by the skill level and birthday associated with their profiles (set during profile creation; can be changed any time using the My Info page).  Daily Adventure games help kids retain knowledge and build skills while collecting stars and exploring the map!


Mission Mode:

Todo Math includes 60+ missions to help kids learn and master important math concepts.  Each mission has a different subject which feature end-of-mission quizzes to help reinforce the concept.  Every passed quiz gives kids the chance to add fun monsters to their personal collections; parents can check which monsters their kids have collected to see what concepts they've mastered.  Mission mode is progress-based and lets children unlock new pieces of the map and seasonal outfits and items for Tallie.


Free Choice:

Free Choice mode lets kids pick exactly which games they want to play and at what skill level.  Kids can select from all of Todo Math's available games and set the difficulty that best suits them.  Free Choice mode even includes higher difficulty levels than Daily Adventure or Mission mode, making it great for kids transitioning into 2nd grade.

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