I received a promo code for Todo Math. How do I redeem it?

If you received a Todo Math promo code, you can redeem it for a free subscription (the duration of the free subscription — one week, one month, etc. — will be listed on your promo code).  Promo codes work for new users or for users who already have a subscription.  


New Users can enter their codes to gain full access to Todo Math for the first time, while current customers can redeem codes to add time to their pre-existing subscriptions.


To redeem a promo code, just follow these simple steps:


  1. Please visit https://event.todomath.com/en/coupon.
  2. If you haven’t registered with Todo Math yet, enter your email address and create a password.  If you already have a Parent Account, enter the email address and password you used to register Todo Math. 
  3. Enter the promo code and click submit.
  4. Open the Todo Math app and sign in to your parent account. You can check the length of your subscription on the Parents page located under your email address near the upper left area of the screen.
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