My child completed Level D, why won’t the game move on to level E?

You may have noticed that when your child completes Level D, they do not automatically progress to the next level in Todo Math.

The reason for this is to prevent children from moving forward too quickly, because Level E features entirely new play modes, and relies on stronger reading and comprehension skills. Additionally, if you begin Level E, decide it’s too difficult and move back to Level D, you’ll need to start Level D all over. To avoid this complication, the app does not automatically move kids from Level D to Level E.  Instead, parents are given the option to manually move their children to level E when they know they are ready for advanced first-grade content and beyond.

Manually changing your child’s level is simple! Follow the steps here.

And for more information on how Todo Math changes in Level E and beyond, click here and scroll down to the “Level E & Beyond” section to read about the new game modes that your child will encounter.

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