I want to use Todo Math on multiple devices.

If you want to use Todo Math on multiple devices, use the synchronization feature. You can view your records played on multiple devices anytime and anywhere. Internet connection is required to synchronize.


How to synchronize

  1. Open Todo Math app.
  2. Tap the 'Parents' button on the top left of the start screen to enter the Parents page. start_parent_en.PNG
  3. At Learner's Progress under the Profile tab, tap the level of the user which you want to synchronize.profile5_level_en.PNG
  4. Once Your Profile for editing appears, there is the sync feature next to the nickname.yourprofile_check_en.PNG
  5. Tap the check box to start synchronization. Once synchronization starts, it cannot be undone.yourrprofile_sync_en.PNG


After synchronization, please sign in with the same email on other devices. Now you can see that other devices also keep the same settings and information such as games you played, problems you solved, and monsters you have collected.


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