What changes when you subscribe?

You can enjoy many benefits when you subscribe to Todo Math.


Unlimited Play of Daily Adventure


You can build math concepts with Daily Adventure without limit. Daily Adventure provides on-level play that fits the level of your child every day, and contains exercises full of interesting elements, such as collecting monsters or costumes. It contains lessons for children from PreK to second grade. A free user can play Daily Adventure for only 3 days per level. However, you can play unlimited days in all levels of Daily Adventure if you subscribe.


Unlimited Play of Free Choice


There are more than 600 activities in Free Choice that combines fun and learning together. This is popular because children can pick various activities they want to do and continue to freely play and learn in their favorite fields. A free user can play only 10% of activities but you can play all activities in Free Choice unlimitedly if you subscribe.


Unlimited Play of Mission


You can freely play missions that help players to focus on what they want to learn. In the missions, you can study by choosing the lesson that you want. You can choose the learning objectives in various fields divided by type. A free user can use limited themes and fields but you can play various missions without limit if you subscribe.


Unlimited Play of Problem-Solving Exercises


In Todo Math, you can have access to more than 2000 problem-solving exercises. By doing these exercises, you can review concepts that you learned and develop application abilities. Problem-solving exercises are not available for a free user. Subscribe to Todo Math and help your child grow math skills with a lot of exercises available.


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