For what age is Todo Math suitable?

Todo Math covers the curriculums from PreK to 2nd grade, with some contents from the 3rd grade. The learning levels are divided into 8 levels from Level A to Level H. While you can choose the levels freely depending on your child's learning ability, we typically consider that pre-school level corresponds to Level A to C; first-grade level to Level D and E; and second grade and beyond to Level F to H.


When creating a profile, make sure your child's age and level are appropriately set. The activities played in Today's Adventure are determined by the selected Skill Level in the setting. From level C and above, special operations practice called "AI Pracrice" is provided where children can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and challenge themselves in the timed mode. From level E and above, the "Challenge" awaits, and children can solve practice problems based on their selected level. You can change your child's skill level at any time in the Parents menu.


Furthermore, "Mission Mode," where you can choose specific topics to explore, is organized by level. Mission levels are displayed in different colors: Level A is blue, Level B and C are green, Level D and E are yellow, and Level F and G are red, Level H is purple.

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