For what age is Todo Math suitable?

Todo Math contains the curriculums mainly for children from PreK to 2nd grade.

The learning levels are divided into A, B, C, D, E and F. Level A is the easiest and F is the most difficult. Also, please be aware that Level G will be coming soon. Level G is more difficult than Level F and contains 'Complete 2nd grade math practice'.

If you want to make sure your kids are playing at the right level, there are the following ways.

When setting up a profile for your child, make sure his or her age and learning level are set correctly. For Level A through D, the difficulty of Daily Adventure is determined by the learning level that you set in the profile for your child. For Level E through F, the difficulty of math practices in Mission is determined by the learning level. You can change the learning level for you child at any time on the Parents page. Choose the right learning level for your child.

Mission and Free Choice in Todo Math are designed to help children to master specific topics. Missions of Todo Math are categorized by learning topics. Also, missions are displayed in various colors depending on their levels. Level A is blue (Pre Kindergarten/Kindergarten), Level B green (Kindergarten), Level C orange (1st Grade), Level D pink (1st Grade/2nd Grade).

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