Updates for 7.0 Version

Level H is newly added for version 7.0. In Level H, children will understand the place value of three-digit numbers, and expand their mathematical knowledge by learning about fractions, division, and 3D shapes.


1. New Games Added:

- Pizza Slice: Learn the concept of fractions by slicing a whole pizza into equal parts.

- Fraction Drink Stand:  Fill the cups with the amount of drinks given in fractions.

- Tally Division: Learn the concept of division by placing the Tallies on the given scales.

- Jelly Bear Division: Divide jelly bears into bags and learn the concept of division.

- Quick Division: Practice division within the range of multiplication tables.


2. Category "Concept Learning and Practice" Added:

- Learn mathematical concepts in the new category in Free Choice containing Addition/Subtraction, Division, and 3D-Shapes.

- Solve many practice problems and review the lessons through concept cards to enhance your problem-solving.


3. H Level Maps Added in Today's Adventure :

- Embark on adventures following 10 new maps while mastering the advanced 2nd-grade and fundamental 3rd-grade curriculum.


4. New Monsters Added:

- Capture10 new monsters added in Level H! What kind of monsters will you meet and catch now?


5. AI Operations Practice Added:

- In addition to the existing addition/subtraction room in AI Daily Practice, multiplication and division rooms have been added. Strengthen your fundamental operations with Basic Practice and challenge yourself further in Time Practice.

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